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Life Now for Mike Scott - Feb 22, 2011

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Mike Scott
Hello Eurobasket! As the BG Goettingen Violets and I travel to France in our quest for Eurocup advancement I would like to share a little bit of LIFE NOW for Mike Scott (203-F-86, college: Kent St.). Very briefly, I grew up in inner city Indianapolis and graduated from Kent State University making two NCAA appearances during my four collegiate years. My first professional season began in 2008 with Trabzonspor, a 2nd division team located in Turkey on the coast of the Black Sea. Kormend, Hungary was the next stop for this young guy. The city was very small, not even sure I should call it a city. Yet, it had all I needed to focus on myself and ball.

Currently, I am happily in Germany on a team that is, at this moment, somewhat underachieving in the BBL, I feel. Our team is stacked from top to bottom. The talent is comparable to the top teams in the league but occasionally we do not play as such. Its mid-season and we are mid-pack still optimistically searching to make a run to sustain a spot in the playoffs. I truly believe in our team and I have no doubt that we will make it happen for ourselves and the faithful folks of BG Goettingen. In contrast, I think many people believe we have overachieved in the Eurocup circuit. 3-1 in a group of powerhouses! We cruised through the first round and are in great position to get to the third! We will see what happens.

Anyway, enough about basketball but then again this is EuroBASKET so maybe that is why you are here in the first place. Regardless, bare with me because this is MY BLOG.

Germany! I never thought I would see so many well trained dogs! I mean these dogs are smarter than some humans I know. I have lost count of how many times I have walked into a grocery store or restaurant and saw a dog sit outside of the door quietly and calmly waiting for its owner to reappear from the vicinity. Impressive. This may seem normal for Europeans but back home the moment you let a dog off its leash, you might as well go to the dog pound a few days later to see if it was caught.

This is completely off subject but did I mention I am starving right now? We played last night at home in our factory stadium (its literally a factory with a portable court inside. Oddly enough its the best place I have ever played) and are on the road at 6:30 a.m. the next morning to catch a flight from Hannover which is about 1 hour from our home city. Exhausting? Ummm, you have no idea! Or maybe you do, I dont know.

Back to the topic of Germany. So, this is somewhat of a funny story. I was driving on the autobahn to Frankfurt airport a few days ago and reached some pretty decent speeds. Nothing reckless but I was making good time. Navigating through the city, you would probably never hit 6th gear. Well on the highway; different story. So I am learning on-the-go the timing of shifts in the higher gears. A few times I grinded out the transmission and the car revved and herky jerked. [Dont tell management. Please & Thank You]
So as I make this more and more difficult for myself and become increasingly frustrated with every kilometer I drive, I finally get it down to a decent rhythm. After more whip flashes and smoky fumes I realize the darn car tells me when to shift up and down! A HUGE GREEN ARROW POINTS EITHER UP OR DOWN WITH THE WORDS UP AND DOWN in bold white letters just in case the fluorescent arrows are not enough! This is all happening right in front of my face on the dashboard. I have had this car about..well...THE WHOLE SEASON and never got the memo! Smart, right? No, not at all.

I guess these German dogs are smarter than me, too. Well at least they see better.

'We cannot see the wind, but we can see the evidences of the wind'...Faith

Mike Scott is an American pro player who is actually in German Bundesliga with BG Goettingen


Tony Gaffney
Heading back to the states...awaiting the next chapter- Apr.9, 2012  (by Eurobasket Center)

So the season has finally come to an end. Although we had a strong second half of the year we were unable to do all that we wanted to do. I think I had a solid first year individually but always think I could have done better. I am already looking forward to see where we will be next season. I definitely had a blast in my first season overseas. I made a lot of friends, saw a lot of places, improved different aspects of my game and opened myself up to new experiences [read more]

John Bynum
I'm 34 and your point is.....- Apr.5, 2012  (by Eurobasket Center)

So a close friend of mine the other day asked me what do you do want to do when you finish playing basketball? I thought for a second, and I really didnt have a clear answer or anything I could really say back to him. It is sort of funny cause my whole life I have been playing this game that I grew up to love and to be honest it is almost that time where I need to make that decision [read more]
Trying to finish strong- Feb.20, 2012  (by Eurobasket Center)

Whats up everyone. Its been awhile since my last post so I wanted to fill everyone in. Recently we have been playing much better and have a legit shot to stay in Pro A despite the fact that a lot of people had no doubt at all we would move down to pro A due to lack of experienced players. This is understandable considering starting the season we were the only team in the league without 1 player who had pro A experience [read more]
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